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Successful San Diego Climate Summit Brings 200 Local Climate Leaders Together

Here’s what people are saying about the 2018 San Diego Climate Summit:

“Clearly an important topic to address at a local/regional level, great to have this nexus to coordinate discussion and connections.”

“Favorite workshop that I have attended. Thank you!”

“Thank you to all for continuing to advance the science and provide increasingly clear understanding of these issues”

On March 6, the Climate Science Alliance co-hosted the 2018 San Diego Climate Summit with the Scripps Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation and San Diego Gas and Electric. The summit brought together 200 climate leaders representing research, academia, arts, non-profits, businesses, and tribal, local, state, and federal governments to discuss San Diego’s regional resiliency, built environment, and rich biodiversity.

The summit featured local climatologists and ecologists who contributed to the San Diego County Ecosystems Assessment. They showcased their findings on how climatic changes will affect the San Diego region’s rich biodiversity and ecological processes. Scientists also engaged in a deeper dive on the report chapters highlighting specific interactions, such as how lack of deep soil moisture after prolonged drought makes oak trees more susceptible to pest infestations. Lunch keynote speaker, Michael McCormick, from the Governor's Office of Planning and Research, emphasized how the San Diego Assessment helps to inform State policy and will be integrated into California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment. Attendees also had the opportunity to participate in one of two workshops: Class on the Grass - demonstrations and interactive games to engage and educate youth and the public on climate science and Let’s Talk Climate - practicing skills for communicating about climate change to a variety of different audiences.

The Summit concluded with a networking reception hosted by the Climate Science Alliance and featured a live performance by Biomimicry - a State Park Ranger band using song to communicate climate messages. The Alliance also recognized Laura Engeman, Martha "Aide" Escalante Garcia, Mike Grim, Megan Jennings, Lucia Stone, and Alex Warneke with Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards for their commitment to working collaboratively and their inventive approaches to advancing climate resilient solutions.

This summit represented the heart of what the Climate Science Alliance is all about and we plan to continue bringing our community together to pursue science-based solutions for regional resilience. Visit us online to stay engaged in future programming and events around the San Diego County Ecosystems Assessment.

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