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10 Things You Can Do to Help — Not Just On Earth Day, But Every Day!

Last Sunday, April 22nd, over 1 billion people worldwide observed “Earth Day” — a day to celebrate and protect this planet. As our communities and natural resources face climate change every day, we encourage everyone to take action on the other 364 days of the year as well. Helping our Earth doesn’t have to be complicated! The Alliance created “10 Things I Can Do To Help” to encourage Climate Kids (and adults) to incorporate earth-friendly activities in their daily habits. Check them out and make a climate commitment!

Climate Science Alliance staff member Udara Abeysekera helped out by picking up trash on a hike with her family, a fun and easy activity that uses two climate commitments at once! She says, “My favorite is picking up trash on hikes. Pro tip: bring a bag with you so you can pick up more than just a handful plus your hands won’t get super dirty”

Let us know how you use the “10 Things I Can Do” and share your climate commitments by tagging us or using #10ThingsICanDo

The “10 Things I Can Do to Help” poster was created for Climate Kids of all ages—including adults! What will your climate commitment be?

  1. Use less electricity

  2. Save water

  3. Recycle

  4. Pick up trash

  5. Walk or ride your bike

  6. Choose reusable bags and water bottles

  7. Eat your veggies

  8. Grow plants for the bees, butterflies and birds

  9. Read more about climate change and share what you learn

  10. Start an earth-friendly project with your friends and family

Download in english here.

Download in spanish here.

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