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Upcoming Webinar: May Drought & Climate Outlook from NIDIS and CNAP

Join NIDIS (National Integrated Drought Information System) and CNAP (California-Nevada Climate Applications Program) for the next CA-NV Drought Early Warning System May Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 11 am - 12 pm PDT.

These webinars provide the region's stakeholders and interested parties with timely information on current and developing drought conditions as well as climatic events like El Niño and La Niña. Speakers will also discuss the impacts of these conditions on things such as wildfires, floods, disruption to water supply and ecosystems, as well as impacts to affected industries like agriculture, tourism, and public health.

Featured Presentations Drought & Climate Update & Outlook Dan McEvoy - WRCC, DRI California Drought 2011-2017: A story about the historic drought Story map presentation by the creators, NOAA researchers, & partners Additional speakers: Alison Stevens - NOAA Modeling, Analysis, Predictions, & Projections Program Amanda Sheffield - NOAA NIDIS Michael Anderson - California State Climatologist Michelle L'Heureux - NOAA Climate Prediction Center Dennis Lettenmaier - UCLA, CNAP Marty Hoerling - NOAA Earth Systems Research Lab

Register for the webinar here.

#BuildingCapacity #BuildingResilience

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