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“Precipitation. It’s complicated.”: Communicating the San Diego County Ecosystems Report with Button

Communicating science can be difficult, especially if your audience members aren’t scientists by training. The San Diego County Ecosystems Assessment, a part of California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment to be released in late Summer of 2018, is 150+ pages long. To make the findings more accessible to practitioners, the Alliance developed a 34 page summary magazine, which can be downloaded here. To add a little fun, we created buttons featuring short slogans to communicate key points of the report.

“Precipitation. It’s complicated.”

According to the assessment, San Diego’s precipitation regime is projected to become more variable, with more dry days and more dry years. However, the few extremely heavy precipitation events, increased over historical levels, could result in increased flooding and occasional wet years. Remember when San Diegans dusted off their rain boots, to wear them for a week straight? It’s complicated!

Want more details? Refer to the “Precipitation and Drought in San Diego County” chapter in the summary magazine, viewable here.

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