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Alliance Presents San Diego Ecosystems Assessment at SDMMP October Meeting

The San Diego Management & Monitoring Program (SDMMP) invited the Climate Science Alliance team to present findings from the recently published San Diego County Ecosystems report to inform and support regional conservation management and monitoring plans.

Climate Science Alliance Director, Dr. Amber Pairis, and Alliance Advisor, Dr. Megan Jennings, were invited to present findings from the recently-published “San Diego County Ecosystems: The Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on a Biodiversity Hotspot” assessment to regional stakeholders and land managers at the San Diego Management & Monitoring Program’s (SDMMP) October meeting.

The assessment, written by a team of ecologists and climatologists including Drs. Pairis and Jennings, conducted a review of the most current, regionally-specific climate information and paired that with current research on local species and habitats of the South Coast that are at risk due to climate variability and other stressors.

The SDMMP facilitates and assists the San Diego Association of Governments, local jurisdictions, wildlife agencies, and other regional stakeholders and land managers in the implementation of conservation management and monitoring within San Diego County. The Alliance is proud to partner with the SDMMP team and regional partners.

Learn more about the San Diego County Ecosystems assessment here.

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