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Climate Science Alliance Program Broadcasted on TV in SDG&E Environmental Champions Commercials

In case you missed it — San Diego Gas & Electric featured the Climate Science Alliance and our Climate Kids program in a series of commercials highlighting their Environmental Champions! Watch the full video on the blog today.

The Climate Science Alliance (Alliance) and our Climate Kids program were broadcasted on CBS Channel 8 in a special series of commercials highlighting San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) Environmental Champions.

The Alliance’s Climate Kids program provides youth with climate change education through hands-on science activities, storytelling, and field trips. SDG&E has supported the Alliance and more than 50 organizational partners to develop the capacity of environmental educators to interpret climate change to youth of all ages with Climate Kids modules. The Alliance thanks SDG&E for their continuous support of our programming by providing the tools to expand climate literacy among San Diego’s youth.

SDG&E's Environmental Champions initiative supports non-profit organizations whose programs promote environmental education, community engagement, and stewardship in underserved communities in San Diego and southern Orange County. Learn more about this initiative here.

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