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Alliance Highlights San Diego Climate Impacts at National Park Service Science Series

The Climate Science Alliance proudly partnered with Cabrillo National Monument for their 2018-2019 Naturally Speaking Seminar Series. Deputy Director Alex Warneke shared with park visitors on the climate impacts affecting San Diego and what they could do to help. Check it out!

This February, the Alliance was invited by Cabrillo National Monument to share on climate impacts to San Diego County as a part of their Naturally Speaking Seminar Series. Deputy Director, Alex Warneke, connected with park visitors on their climate story while highlighting conclusions from the San Diego County Ecosystems Report - a pivotal assessment created by a collaboration of local climatologists and ecologists.

Visitors were introduced to local South Coast species and habitats and presented with a broad picture of risks associated with our changing climate. Most importantly, Warneke covered the different ways that visitors could help offset their climate impacts to local wildlife with 10 Ways to Give Wildlife a Break.

Cabrillo National Monument has been a partner of the Climate Science Alliance since 2015 and is a primary field trip location for the Climate Kids program. The Climate Science Alliance thanks the National Park Service for their dedication to climate literacy in our community and beyond.

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