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Dr. Rivera-Collazo and DUNAS Project Featured on “America Adapts” Podcast

In a special episode of “America Adapts: The Climate Change Podcast”, host Doug Parsons interviews experts at the “Keeping History Above Water” conference. Tune in to hear Alliance partner and DUNAS Principal Investigator, Dr. Isabel Rivera-Collazo of Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD.

In episode 90 of America Adapts, host Doug Parsons traveled to St. Augustine, Florida for the Keeping History Above Water conference and interviewed multiple experts on the threat of sea level rise to cultural resources. One of the experts interviewed was Dr. Isabel Rivera-Collazo, a researcher and professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD, a Climate Science Alliance partner, and the Principal Investigator of the DUNAS project.

On America Adapts, Dr. Rivera-Collazo shares her unique perspective on cultural heritage protections in the face of climate change: “...Many of the low-income and marginalized communities don’t see themselves in the history that is attempted to be preserved.” Through her newest project DUNAS: Descendants United for Nature, Adaptation, and Sustainability, Dr. Rivera-Collazo is putting the work in the hands of the Puerto Rican community. “By empowering the communities to protect their own heritage, we have been very successful — not just in protecting the cultural heritage, but also in communicating climate change, social vulnerability, and all those issues that scientists normally find challenging. By making things personal, we are able to break that barrier and reach people and cause change.”

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