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American Planning Association Uses San Diego Climate Assessment in Water Planning Report

The American Planning Association uses the California Fourth Climate Change Assessment and associated San Diego Regional Assessment results in their report explaining needs for climate resilience in regional water planning in San Diego County and other regions across the nation.

Robert Leiter, a partner of the Climate Science Alliance and contributor to the San Diego Region Report, worked with the American Planning Association (APA) to integrate findings from California’s 4th Climate Change Assessment and the associated San Diego Region Report into the APA’s “Regional Water Planning for Climate Resilience” report.

The report includes a case study for the San Diego County region and discusses how the state-wide climate change assessments can help to inform regional and local government policy planning in the areas of water resource planning, habitat conservation planning, and natural hazards planning.

The APA report is available to download for no cost here:

Leiter co-published an article in the San Diego Planning Journal that summarizes the findings and recommendations of our San Diego County case study.

The article can be found here:

The APA report and the summary article is a great example of how scientific research is being implemented into urban planning and policy analysis in the San Diego region.

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