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San Diego Ecosystems Assessment Story Map Highlights Climate Impacts to the Region

Interested in how climate change is impacting San Diego Ecosystems, Wildlife and Human Communities? Check out this new Story Map compiled by the Climate Science Alliance!

In 2018, the Climate Science Alliance convened a distinguished team of San Diego ecologists and climatologists to formulate a scientific assessment entitled, San Diego County Ecosystems: Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on a Biodiversity Hotspot.

The San Diego Ecosystems assessment is the first of its kind in providing regionally-specific climate hazard information for San Diego’s natural communities and how we can prepare to address these vulnerabilities through adaptation, conservation, and landscape management. This document was also published as a technical report for the State of California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment (2018).

In an effort to make this information more accessible to the community, the Climate Science Alliance recently summarized the climate impacts in an ESRI Story Map - check it out here:

To learn more about the San Diego Ecosystems Report, please visit:

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