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Climate Kids-Mexico Connects with Southern Tribal Communities

Climate Kids - Mexico partners, Out of the Boat Swim, are bringing new Climate Kids Curriculum to Tribal youth in Mexico. Check out the incredible work our partners are doing to educate and create climate awareness bi-nationally.

Climate Kids Mexico partners, Out of the Boat Swim, have recently brought Climate Kids newest curriculum to Tribal youth of the Cocopah (Cucapá) Tribe, the Kumeyaay (Kumiai) community of San Antonio Necua, and the Tipai School in Ensenada.

Using the new Climate Science and Atmospheric Chemistry Trunk, developed collaboratively with the NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment, our Climate Kids Mexico team is educating students from these communities and connecting them to climate messages in a way that is fun and impactful.

Students are also participating in field trips to learn about climate impacts on local ecosystems and most importantly - what they can do to help protect the earth.

Climate Kids - Mexico is a collaborative partnership in Tijuana and Northern Baja focused on community-driven outreach, workshops, and environmental stewardship activities led by trained high school ambassadors.

To learn about Out of the Boat Swim's visits to other communities earlier this year, check out this blog post.

To learn more about the Climate Kids program, please visit:

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