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Article by Original Climate Kid Amira Azoulay Featured by CLIF Bar

Original Climate Kid Amira Azoulay shared four pathways to talk to youth about climate change in CLIF Bar’s article, “How to Talk to Kids About Climate Change”.

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Amira Azoulay, 14 year old daughter of Climate Science Alliance Founder and Lead Advisor Amber Pairis and the original Climate Kid, wrote an inspiring article for the CLIF Bar website in celebration of Earth Month. Amira’s article focused on suggestions for how to talk to youth about climate change in a way that inspires solutions and hope.

In the article, Amira shares four pathways—conversation, community, hope, and impact—to talk to kids about climate change.

  • Learn to cultivate truthful conversations paired with simple, small-scale solutions.

  • Nourish a community of supportive individuals.

  • Find hope and ideas for the present by looking to the past.

  • Look to areas where you have traction to make changes in your community, home, school, and everyday life.

Read the full article here.

We are so proud of Amira and the eloquent advice that she gives, and excited to continue growing our resources for Climate Kids of all ages.

A big thanks to the CLIF Kid team at CLIF Bar, for amplifying Amira’s voice and spreading climate hope! Learn more about how CLIF Kid supports Climate Kids here.


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