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C-3 The Finest City Podcast Invites Amber Pairis to Share the Story of the Climate Science Alliance

The Finest City podcast welcomed our very own Amber Pairis, Founder and Lead Advisor of the Climate Science Alliance, to talk about the Alliance’s history and community-led model of transformational adaptation. Thanks to the C-3 team for sharing our story — listen to the podcast, out now!

Graphic includes The Finest City logo, podcast episode title, photo of Amber Pairis and the Climate Science Alliance logo.

The Finest City, a podcast from Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3), welcomed Climate Science Alliance Founder and Lead Advisor Amber Pairis as part of their Knowledge to Action series. From the early days of the Alliance to the interwoven nature of our extensive projects and partnerships today, Amber shares how our model of transformational adaptation and equal valuation of knowledges carries our work forward, led by and implemented by communities.

Thank you to the C-3 team, especially The Finest City host Jen Whitelaw, for spending time with us and sharing the Climate Science Alliance’s story.

Listen to “Transformational Adaptation and the Backcountry with Amber Pairis of the Climate Science Alliance” (42 minutes) on the C-3 website, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify Podcasts today.

"In this episode, we welcome Amber Pairis, the founder and lead advisor of Climate Science Alliance. Amber’s work is dedicated to increasing awareness of climate change impacts, advocating for solutions, and fostering collective action to protect both natural and human communities in the face of a changing climate. During the conversation, Amber sheds light on the Alliance’s commitment to honoring indigenous stewardship and building an inclusive community of partners, ensuring everyone has a seat at the table.

Amber also explores the vital role of agriculture in climate solutions and shares the milestones worth celebrating in the realm of climate advocacy. She talks about the Alliance’s inspiring initiatives, including Climate Kids and the Stewardship Pathways Training Program, that are paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future."

View podcast timestamps here.

[1:46] Amber introduces herself and more about her role at the Climate Science Alliance.

[5:24] How the Alliance formed, the funding and building of the team.

[7:37] At the Alliance, the topics pivot and change based on what their partners need.

[8:50] What transformational adaptation means for the Alliance and how it is the center of the community.

[11:02] How the Alliance creates a space that truly listens to people and upholds value for those of many different backgrounds and perspectives.

[15:53] The birth of Climate Kids and the focus to take hands-on science and bring it to create a focus on storytelling and climate literacy.

[19:08] What do we have to celebrate, and what was some good news coming out of the San Diego Climate Summit?

[27:08] How the Climate Summit has engaged with San Diego’s indigenous population and history, and more about the tribal work groups.

[30:34] How can agriculture play a role in climate solutions?

[32:21] The cross-border collaboration between the Alliance and Baja California.

[35:42] More about the Stewardship Pathways Training program.

[40:01] Where can people give and learn more?


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