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Climate Science Alliance Joins a Beautiful Earth Day Celebration at the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel

Thank you to the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel for inviting us out to celebrate Earth Day! We had a wonderful time talking with community members and sharing resources about how we can be good stewards of the environment.

Tents and bouncy houses lined up outside on a beautiful day.

Climate Science Alliance had a great time at the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel Earth Day on April 12th! It was a beautiful blue sky day that was perfect to be outside celebrating Mother Earth alongside the 300+ expected community members and vendors.

The Climate Science Alliance booth, with informative flyers, coloring books, sign-up sheets, and a sign to learn more about the Alliance.

At our booth, we were excited to share with attendees about our environmental education and workforce training opportunities, through our Climate Kids and Stewardship Pathways programs.

We talked to attendees about the importance of good fire and used our educational game Up, Down, & All Around: the Pathway to Good Fire, that can be found in the Climate Science & Fire Traveling Trunk as a fun way to learn about the topic. The game teaches about the relationship that plants and animals in Southern California have with fire and the ways that we can be good fire stewards. We had several educators come by who were interested in the trunks and the Climate Kids Hubs.

The Climate Kids Up, Down, and All Around game board, which is a large plastic sheet of yellow and orange squares laid on the ground with a giant black die.

We also talked with attendees about the Southern California Montane Forests project and how they can get involved in guiding how these ‘sky islands’ are conserved and build resilience to climate change impacts within the region.

Thanks to our collaboration with the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians we handed out beautiful coloring books about the Plant Relatives of the Southern California Desert along with a rainbow pencil to get the coloring started.

Thank you CLIF Bar and Dr. Bronners for sponsoring some amazing giveaways at our table!


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