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Climate Science Alliance Team Collaborates with San Diego Food Vision 2030

In summer 2020, the Climate Science Alliance team collaborated with San Diego Food System Alliance to understand climate impacts to San Diego County’s future aspiration for its food system.

Food vision 2030 is a plan for transforming San Diego County's food system over the next 10 years. San Diego is home to bountiful farmers markets, small farms and fisheries, a vibrant restaurant and craft beer scene. But for many who live and work here, there is a divide between this perception and the reality of our region. Our partners at the San Diego Food System Alliance (SDFSA) are digging deep into the challenges that need to be addressed including but not limited to a shrinking agriculture sector; barriers to marketing local food; under investment in under resourced communities, and food insecurity. Meeting these challenges at home and preparing for those on the horizon will require San Diego County to take bold and coordinated action and we applaud SDFSA for leading us into the future.

The SDFSA launched food Vision 2030 with the understanding that the time to reimagine and reconfigure our food system is now. The Climate Science Alliance (CSA) team worked as collaborative partners with the SDFSA on the Food Vision 2030 steering committee, as well as partners in community outreach. CSA played a critical role, specifically including the voices of San Diego County Tribal Communities. In summer 2020, Connor Magee (Payomkawichum/ Cahuilla) and Will Madrigal (Payomkawichum/ Cahuilla) of CSA, as well as other Tribal representatives worked with SDFSA on an outreach plan which solicited Tribal input for Food Vision 2030. By virtual means we were able to gather input from over 100 Tribal participants that shared their vision for the future of a food system that works for them.

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