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Cultivating Transformation: 2020-2021 Climate Science Alliance Impact Report

Join us in reflecting on the transformations that have taken place throughout this past year - and since our beginnings - in the 2020-2021 Climate Science Alliance Impact Report!

Over the past 5 years, the Climate Science Alliance has worked collaboratively alongside our community of partners to build the Alliance, grow our network, and establish the foundation to launch impactful projects. ​Although this past year presented many unique challenges, it also provided many opportunities. Through these challenges, the Climate Science Alliance and our network of partners have grown immensely and truly transformed.

Watch the Snapshot!

Looking to the future, the Climate Science Alliance is committed to pursuing projects and actions that embody Transformational Adaptation, a multi-year vision that encompasses all areas of our work:

Because of our strong network and partnerships, meaningful change is on the horizon. We are excited to lead and pursue this vision together, and look forward to the work ahead.


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