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CWC Project Researcher, Krista West, featured on Generation STEM Podcast

How can technology help communities and first responders in the face of wildfires? Check out the GenerationSTEM podcast episode “Wildfire 101 and Remote Sensing Technologies” - featuring Connecting Wildlands and Communities Project researcher Krista West - to find out!

GenerationSTEM Podcast invited Krista West, Connecting Wildlands and Communities (CWC) Project researcher, to their October 29th, 2020 episode, “Wildfire 101 and Remote Sensing Technologies”. The topic of wildfire is especially relevant in 2020 due to the historic wildfire season throughout the West Coast and across the globe.

Krista West, who is a contributing researcher for the fire team of the Climate Science Alliance Connecting Wildlands and Communities project, has been a part of the remote sensing community for over a decade, and works to prepare communities and practitioners in the face of wildfire and leverage technology to prevent wildfire.

West talked about the basics of wildfire, the impact of climate change on wildfire regime, and how remote sensing technology and interdisciplinary projects like Connecting Wildlands and Communities play an important role in planning for and mitigating the effects of wildfire on a regional scale.

We encourage you to listen to the full recording on the


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