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Make a Climate Commitment with the Climate Science Alliance Team!

Happy Earth Day from the Climate Science Alliance team! Join us in making a "Climate Commitment Carrot" to reduce your impact, help protect the earth, and support local farmers. Check out what commitments our team is making and make your own!

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Climate Science Alliance team made their own climate commitments using the "Climate Commitment Carrot" from our Resilient Roots project. Check out what the team is doing to reduce their impact, help protect the earth, and support local farmers!

Dr. Amber Pairis, Climate Science Alliance Director, is committed to "Protect Pollinators and Native Plants"

Alexandria Warneke, Deputy Director, is committed to "Eat more veggies!"

Lindsey Jasperse, Science Program Manager, in partnership with her dog Bella, is committed to "Shop seasonally and locally!


Join us today in making a climate commitment by downloading your "Climate Commitment Carrot" here:


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