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Mangroves and Pathways to Science - USD Guest Lecture

Science Program Manager Paula Ezcurra provided a guest lecture on mangroves and her personal pathway to science to a group of over 20 students at University of San Diego. “Inspiring, fascinating, Super Cool, and Awesome” were just a few of the responses from students who will serve as the next generation of leaders in communities across the globe.

Early this spring, our Science Program Manager Paula Ezcurra gave a guest lecture to a group of undergraduate students at the University of San Diego for Dr. Drew Talley's course, “Wetlands Ecology.”

In the lecture, Paula discussed the anatomy, ecology, and socioeconomic value of mangrove ecosystems and shared her experiences in pursuing a career in the life sciences.

Paula always enjoys connecting with students, virtually or otherwise, finding them eternally innovative and impressive in their questioning, ideas, and interests. This lecture was no different, where the students shared a kudoboard thanking her for the lecture.


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