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Amira Azoulay

Climate Communications Intern

As the first-ever Climate Kid, Amira has worked with the Climate Science Alliance since a young age, interacting with classmates and volunteering for the organization. 

Amira Azoulay (she/her) grew up in San Diego, California. She is a junior at Mission Bay High School, working towards obtaining the prestigious International Baccalaureate diploma at the end of high school. She is involved in the Youth Advocates Club on campus, a group of students aiming to lower teen substance abuse and bolster substance abuse prevention. A very active member of her community, Amira has been featured several times in the local PB Monthly magazine for involvement in club events.

Outside of school, Amira has a great passion for rowing. Starting when she was in eighth grade, she is now a returning varsity member of the San Diego Rowing Club juniors program, the oldest rowing club in San Diego. Her other pastimes include reading, jogging, playing with her cats, and listening to French hip hop.

Amira Azoulay
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