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Jada McCovey

Tribal Climate Stewardship Intern

Aiy-ue-kwee (Hello), my name is Jada McCovey, I am a Hoopa Tribal Member with Yurok and Karuk affiliation from Northern California. I am a student at the University of California, Davis attaining a bachelor’s degree in Native American Studies and Environmental Policy and Planning in hopes to pursue a career in environmental management in Indigenous communities to better support and empower traditional knowledge systems and build resiliency against environmental challenges that threaten cultural vitality. Last year I worked with the Yurok tribe’s environmental department back home to better learn and meet my own communities needs. This summer I am interning with the Climate Science Alliance to build greater knowledge of intertribal environmental work that strengthens communal resilience to the impacts of climate change, while promoting Indigenous ecological knowledge and stewardship. I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and for my hosts at Climate Science Alliance in La Jolla, San Diego CA.

Ko-weesh-cho’ (thank you)

Jada McCovey
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