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The Climate Science Alliance safeguards natural and human communities in the face of a changing climate through leading activities and creating partnerships which increase awareness of climate change impacts, promote solutions, and facilitate action. The Climate Science Alliance began collaborating with southern California Tribes in 2015 to identify ways to safeguard their lands and cultures from the threat of climate change.

In 2017, the Climate Science Alliance facilitated participation by 190 attendees representing 49 Tribes at a Southwestern Tribal Climate Change Summit. At the summit, an explicit partnership was formed out of a desire to regularly collaborate and as a result a Working Group was created. Since 2017, this Working Group convenes bi-monthly with members representing 20+ Tribes and multiple Tribal organizations from the southern California region.


Through the use of mutual education, environmental programs, and traditional knowledges, and a focus on community priorities, local ecosystems, and holistic management, we collaborate to safeguard the lands and cultures of southern California Tribes from the impacts of climate change.

Data suggests our regions will experience significantly warmer temperatures, variable precipitation, more frequent and prolonged droughts punctuated by high intensity flood events, and more extreme and destructive wildfires. These changes are already threatening food security, public health, and culturally and ecologically significant resources - highlighting the urgency for resources and capacity to adequately address impacts and promote solutions.

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