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Please use our Tribal Working Group Membership and Partner Contact Information form to submit your information for the first time—or for current members of the working group—update your information.


Note that the Tribal Working Group is a space for Tribal representatives and staff. Requests from non-tribal entities will be reviewed by the group and you will receive a formal invitation if approved.

Community Agreements

There will be ongoing opportunities for Tribal Working Group members and presenting partners to engage with one another. We request that all members and partners adhere to the following community agreements. We reserve the right to moderate any Tribal Working Group participation that is not conducive to a positive dialogue.

I commit to creating a fun and safe learning environment where all people, ideas, cultures, ways of knowing, and backgrounds are welcome and valued.

I commit to respecting any training sessions, presentations, activities, etc. by refraining from self-promotion or endorsement of products, companies, or services.

I commit to respecting the confidentiality of other members and partners who share their knowledges, experiences, data, and stories and will not use any information to my personal benefit.

I commit to upholding the values and protocols of Indigenous Data Sovereignty, in which data for and about Indigenous peoples and partners are utilized to advance their community priorities and safeguard their lands and cultures from the threat of climate change. View the Alliance's Indigenous Data Sovereignty Protocols here.

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