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Kumeyaay Ethnobotany Board Game

A Tribal Working Group 2023 Small Grants Recipient


The Kumeyaay Ethnobotany Board Game is a indigenized educational medium designed to bolster Indigenous climate resilience, environmental health, and adaptation. This immersive board game is a conduit to the rich Kumeyaay culture, traditional plant knowledge, and their profound understanding of their bioregion. The game is a gateway for the San Diego community, both tribal and non-tribal, to the importance of indigenous plant species in ecosystem health. It aims to promote understanding of bioregional details, allowing participants to comprehend the interconnectedness between various plant species, and their role in climate resilience. In turn, it encourages the development and implementation of sustainable conservation strategies. Additionally, the game is not solely ecological in nature, but also serves as a catalyst for cultural appreciation and understanding. It integrates language revitalization, incorporating key Kumeyaay terminologies within the gameplay. This dual purpose fosters a deeper appreciation for the indigenous culture, fostering a wider respect for the richness of the Kumeyaay language and promoting cross-cultural understanding in San Diego. We believe that this engaging educational approach will lead community members towards an understanding and respect for indigenous knowledge systems, recognizing their role in modern environmental health and climate resilience initiatives. Ultimately, the game will foster an inclusive community that appreciates cultural diversity and promotes environmental responsibility. The power of this innovative tool will be harnessed to enhance community unity, stimulate bioregional learning, and support collective environmental health and climate resilience.

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Lacey Boyer Cannon & Richard Bugbee

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