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Youth BIPOC Aquaculture Leadership

A Tribal Working Group 2024 Small Grants Recipient


Indigenous nations, communities and people have been displaced from their ancestral coastal land and water to include in their traditional food harvesting practices. This project seeks to address the disconnect from traditional food sources such as oysters, clams, abalone, seaweed/kelp and seagrass as well as support and restore climate resiliency, ecosystem and species restoration and environmental health through the reclaiming of Indigenous aquaculture practices in conjunction with BIPOC communities.

Funding provided by the Small Grants Program supports the launch of this initiative through stipends for Indigenous knowledge holders to advise on the project, for the creation of equitable pathways in academia, purchase of a computer for 3D modeling, transportation to and from observation sites, and food to support the team.

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The Climate Science Alliance Tribal Working Group is a climate collaboration for the lands and cultures of Southern California's Tribes.

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