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Idyllwild Arts Academy Teen Climate Council


Art Showcase

The Teen Climate Council are the teen voices at The Aquarium of the Pacific. The council consists of multiple committees - the Visionary, Media, Editorial, Design, Outreach, and Business committees - each focusing on different ways to inform the community of the problems facing the world's oceans. The authors are members of the Editorial Committee: Sharon Ma, Rayna Carranza, Marjorie Lian, Giovanni Garcia. The Council is led by Youth and Family Volunteer Coordinator, Callum Watson, and Lead Chair, Naomi Scott. The Council innovates and takes action through projects such as short films, climate festivals, and workshops. Their actions have led to countless achievements towards spreading awareness about environmental issues. Despite all members being in high school, they are passionate about making a difference when it comes to climate change by educating both children and adults, and more importantly, by making footsteps worth following.

The objective of the Arts Enterprise Laboratory Strategic Grant Initiative is to provide students with an opportunity to develop and implement arts projects beyond the scope of the Idyllwild Arts Academy curriculum. Strategic Partnerships, such as ours with the Aquarium of the Pacific, share the gift of the Idyllwild experience with younger students, provide entrepreneurial opportunities organized and run by IAA students to expose them to the intersection of arts and the workforce, and create lasting connections with programs in the larger community to ensure ongoing interchange of ideas and creativity. The AEL aims to provide support for the conceptualization, production and promotion of original work. The illustrators of Yutaka Finds a Friend are the following members of the 2023 Visual Art Department: Harper Donaldson (Senior Managing Illustrator), Adiya Nabiyeva (Senior Illustrator), Daone Choi, Min Gao, Anisiia Isaeva, Jade Shantay, Nil Delfin Uslu, and Maria Barcelo Tous. Book design by Rebecca A. Kandel.

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