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Climate Kids- Mexico Awarded 1st place for Workshops at Expo Ambiente

Our Climate Kids-Mexico (CKM) program and its program manager Profesora Martha Aidé Escalante Garcia won first place at Expo Ambiente, an annual event promoting environmental education and natural habitat care. The 22nd Expo Ambiente, organized by the Secretariat of Environmental Protection (SPA), was held on September 18-19 at the El Trompo Museum in Baja California and drew in a crowd of 600 people. This year they had 15 companies, 12 civil associations, 16 government agencies, 5 educational institutions and 15 nurseries participating as exhibitors, and hosted 28 workshops.

The government recognized Climate Kids- Mexico for its incredible impact on the community, awarding CKM 1st place at Expo Ambiente. The Alliance is so proud of our Baja partners and CKM student ambassadors!

To read the original article in El Sol de Tijuana, visit here.

To learn more about our Climate Kids programs, visit here.

Top photo by José Luis Camarillo.

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