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Save the Date: Idyllwild Arts Open House (10.20-22)

Idyllwild Arts Academy is hosting an Open House the weekend of October 20-22 highlighting the work of their departments and their students, new and old! The alumni panel on the 21st includes Climate Science Alliance Director Amber Pairis, Ph.D., amongst others. Dr. Pairis has been asked to talk about how she is using the transformative power of art to advance her work on climate change.

“Art is a powerful means to translate scientific research into something that touches your life in a personal way. Now more than ever we need artists paired with scientists to help advance our understanding of climate risks and solutions.”

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist Audrey Carver graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy last year. More on her work here.

For more information on the Open House, visit here

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