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Highlight: Climate Kids-Mexico Ecology Expo Projects

Climate Kids-Mexico (CKM) Ambassadors presented on their work with science, art and storytelling projects to teachers, parents, and more than 120 students this past May. See photos and details about each project below. CKM uses a unique approach to training high school students to deliver the Climate Kids program in elementary and middle school classes in Tijuana, Baja Mexico. The program is having a positive impact in the community through its environmental stewardship activities, workshops, and outreach. Find out more about this program at

"We are so glad to be a part of the change!" -Profesora Martha Aidé Escalante Garcia, Program Manager, Baja.

Science Projects on Climate Change and Plastic Contamination

Art Projects Inspiring Environmental Stewardship

Storytelling and Poetry about Climate Change and Animals

CBTIS 146 Community Beach Clean-up and Reclaimed Item Toy Making

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