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Meet Tomaso Marcolla, Our Newest Affiliated Artist!

Our newest Affiliated Artist is Tomaso Marcolla, an Italian based graphic designer who uses digital art to highlight powerful environmental themes. Read on to get to know the newest artist in the Alliance family!

“I consider digital art as a different form of art, with some communication possibilities peculiar to more traditional art forms. The choice of the medium, in fact, always depends on “how” and “what” I want to communicate. The themes that I tackle in my posters are the values ​​that characterize my daily life such as solidarity, nonviolence, the defense of the environment and so on. That, linking up with current events, I try to represent in an original way that makes me curious, think and reflect.”

Tomaso Marcolla is an award-winning Italian artist that graduated from the Art Institute of Trento and started working as a graphic designer in 1985. He is a Member of AIAP (Italian Association Planning for Visual Communication) and of the BEDA (Bureau of European Designers Association). Tomaso utilizes digital art and posters to highlight powerful stories such as those focused on climate change.

Tomaso’s work is a contribution to the Climate Science Alliance’s upcoming exhibition RISE - celebrating what it means to be resilient in the face of climate change.

You can learn more about Tomaso here:

Or follow his work on social media:

Learn more about our Affiliated Artists program here:

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