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Climate Science Alliance Supports Youth Climate Challenge Participants at 5th Festival de Aves

The Climate Science Alliance was excited to support Youth Climate Challenge Participants, Club Huellas Volcánicas, and partners, Terra Peninsular, at the 5th San Quintín Bay Bird Festival held on November 8th and 9th in Baja California, Mexico.

On the Pacfic Coast of the Baja Peninsula lies the small community of La Chorera on the beautiful Bay of San Quintín. Surrounded by eleven extinct volcanoes, San Quintín Bay and it’s adjacent wetlands provide a unique sanctuary and refuge to thousands of birds each year traveling on the Pacific Flyway. In celebration of this phenomenon, our partners at Terra Peninsular host the annual Festival de Aves. Now in it’s 5th year the festival was a great success in bringing together local communities members and bird enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Climate Science Alliance was excited to support Terra Peninsular in their efforts as well as Youth Climate Challenge Team - Club Huellas Volcánicas. The Club, who is based in the town of La Chorera, uses their passion and skill of photography to tell their communities and the world about the importance of the adjacent reserve. Their challenge project focuses on shedding light about habitat degradation and the challenges of drought and contamination. The Club highlighted several of their pieces at the Festival to bring awareness to these important issues.

Congratulations Club Huellas Volcánicas and Terra Peninsular on a great event!


The Youth Climate Challenge is an immersive experience that connects students with leading climate scientists, practitioners, artists, and fellow youth. In challenge teams, students are guided and challenged to identify and analyze the climate impacts in their own communities. Together, they investigate climate strategies and solutions and formulate action plans to implement in their sphere of influence.

For questions on the Youth Climate Challenge or to have the Climate Science Alliance host a Challenge with your students, please contact us.

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