Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist Audrey Carver Debuts New Climate Artwork

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist Audrey Carver has been collaborating with Professor Colin Orians from Tufts University and Costa Rican coffee farmers to portray the science and impact of climate change on these crops and communities. Check out her new collection “Resilience: The Faces of Coffee in a Changing Climate.”

Artist Statement

“When you sip your morning coffee, 2.25 million people around the world are doing the same. Coffee is commonly considered one of the most valuable commodities in global markets, meaning that it is an important export for many developing countries, and an enormous industry in many more. With 25 million coffee farmers globally and millions more consumers and caffeine addicts, coffee is literally running much of the modern world (Watts, 2016).

It is common knowledge, however, that the modern world is changing, and fast. With global temperatures rising and the largest anthropogenic climate event in history underway, coffee arabica and its farmers are facing an uncertain future. Climate change is affecting the resilience and yield of coffee crops, which in turn destabilizes markets, prices, and livelihoods. In order to move forward without the predicted 50% loss of production area by 2050 (Watts, 2016), adaptation strategies will be necessary.

This series represents the potential loss to coffee farmers and plants, as well as potential adaptation strategies. I have shown farmers with potentially lost crops and livelihoods, paired with plants in various stages of health, to visualize the interdependence between plants and people, our actions and their lives. The situation is complex, but not devoid of hope: there are sustainable futures amidst precarity, we just need to look for them.”

- Audrey Carver