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Climate Science Alliance Returns to USD to Talk About Mangrove Wetlands

Climate Science Alliance team member Paula Ezcurra returned last month to the University of San Diego to deliver another guest lecture on mangrove wetland ecology and her personal pathway to science to a group of over 20 undergraduate students.

A slide from Paula Ezcurra's presentation showing a photo of her standing in a mangrove with the text "why mangroves? opportunity."

As part of an annual wetlands course offered by Binational Working Group member Dr. Drew Talley, several guest speakers participated in sharing their knowledge. This year, and for the second time, Climate Science Alliance team member Paula Ezcurra provided a guest lecture about mangrove wetlands on October 13th, 2023.

This year, Paula focused on the geographic extent and constraints of these wetlands, as well as their unique anatomy that makes them specially suited for thriving in salty tidal environments. She also shared about how mangrove provides value to people and other species, with a special focus on their climate mitigation capabilities.

The lecture concluded with a conversation about Paula’s professional journey through science and beyond. To put it in her own words, “I could go on and on about coastal ecology, but I also aim to always share a piece of my professional journey with early career scientists to demonstrate that the path is unexpected and not always linear.”

Thank you to Dr. Talley for continuing to invite the Climate Science Alliance team to share our knowledge with your rising stars!


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