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Profiles from the Peninsula: Terra Peninsular

Profiles from the Peninsula is a series dedicated to spotlighting the partners who make up the Baja Working Group, and their projects. This week’s profile is on Terra Peninsular, a Mexican conservation organization dedicated to sustainable management of natural resources, and the protection of endangered wildlife and their habitats along the Baja California Peninsula. 

Puedes leer este blog en español aquí.

Profiles from the Peninsula is a series dedicated to spotlighting the partners who make up the Baja Working Group, and their projects. Each week, we will bring you a new profile in the form of a blog like this one. More information about the working group can be found here

Terra Peninsular is a Mexican conservation organization dedicated to protecting the unique ecosystems of the Baja California Peninsula and the endangered wildlife that calls them home. It accomplishes this mission in a variety of ways, including helping partners obtain legal protection for conserving land, developing adaptive management strategies for monitoring and management, and working alongside local communities to advance shared goals. Terra Pennisular’s goals include protecting the region’s natural resources by ensuring that they are sustainably managed and monitored for long term benefit for people and wildlife.

Alejandro Arias - Volcán Sudoeste

Founded in 2001 by a group of conservation scientists concerned about the threat of widespread destruction of habitats across the San Quintín Bay, the founders of Terra Peninsular recreated the model used by organizations such as The Nature Conservancy to target land acquisition and management to support long-term conservation goals. 

Jonathan Villarreal - Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo

Today, Terra Pennisular’s efforts include the protection of three certified natural reserves, two shorebird reserves, two wetland habitats, and the protection of the San Quintín volcanic field. When asked about future projects the team would like to pursue in the region, Pamela Castro, Terra Pennisular’s Conservation Leader explained that they would “like to see more blue carbon themed projects implemented in the San Quintín region.”

Alejandro Arias - Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo

The Climate Science Alliance has a long-standing partnership with Terra Peninsular and also partners with them to support the Youth Club of Nature Photographers Huellas Volánicas—a youth group of photographers using their artwork to tell the stories and inspire protection of San Quintín Bay. The student’s work will be spotlighted in the upcoming 2020 San Diego Climate Summit

You can keep up with conservation news in the region by following Terra’ Penniular’s Mediterranews magazine.

Michael Ready - Reserva Natural Valley Tranquilo

The Baja Working Group is a collaboration between the Climate Science Alliance and the International Community Foundation. Learn more here.


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