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Shaw’s Agave: A Cross-border Botanical Gem

Baja Working Group partners Sula Vanderplank and Keith Lombardo worked with Affiliated Artist Michael Ready to tell the story of the Shaw's Agave. Check out their engaging storymap on today's blog!

Our Baja Working Group partners, Sula Vanderplank and Keith Lombardo, worked with Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist and photographer, Michael Ready to create an engaging storymap that tells the story of the Shaw’s Agave, a beautiful succulent plant that can only be found along the Pacific coast from San Diego to Baja California. 

The storymap takes you through a visual journey of this rare plant species and its life cycle. Through stunning images and text the story follows the mystery of the Shaw’s Agave pollinators, and how an international group of scientists have banded together to unravel pollinator mysteries. The story contemplates the future of this species, why it’s threatened, and how efforts from conservationists, alongside local communities, will help protect this iconic succulent. 

See the story below, or view on the National Park Service webpage.


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