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Dr. Megan Jennings Presents “Wildfires: A Tale of Two Backcountries” for SDNHM’s Nat Talk

What does fire mean for plants and animals, especially in a hotspot of biological diversity like San Diego? Check out Dr. Megan Jennings’ Nat Talk - “Wildfires: A Tale of Two Backcountries” - to learn about regional wildfire types and impacts, our solution-based collaborative projects, and what you can do to help!

Photo by Megan Jennings

The San Diego Natural History Museum (SDNHM) invited Dr. Megan Jennings to present “Wildfires: A Tale of Two Backcountries” on October 28, 2020 for their virtual Nat Talk. The topic was especially relevant for attendees, as wildfires simultaneously burned throughout the West in yet another historic wildfire season.

Conservation ecologist Dr. Megan Jennings, who co-directs San Diego State University’s Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management and serves as an advisor to the Climate Science Alliance, has an extensive background working with both wildfire and wildlife and the inextricable connections between the two, lending her a valuable perspective on the evening’s topic.

Dr. Jennings talked about the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in building resilience to wildfires, sharing three projects led in collaboration with the Climate Science Alliance: Climate Resilient Connectivity, Connecting Wildlands and Communities, and our newest collaboration, the Southern Montane Forests project.

We encourage you to watch the full recording below:


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